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Get Dentures in Beverly Hills, CA

Missing teeth can cause severe issues. Aside from an incomplete smile, missing teeth can cause structural damage and degrade your overall oral health. S&C Dental Beverly Hills seeks to correct and restore oral health by providing dentures for Beverly Hills, CA patients. Our partial and complete solutions blend in seamlessly with natural teeth, enabling patients to recover their smiles quickly and effectively. We understand you may have questions regarding this powerful oral health solution, and we are here to answer them and develop a treatment plan perfect for you. Learn more about how you can receive a complete, beautiful, and confident smile within your budget by scheduling an appointment with our dentist today.

Dentist with purple gloves holding dentures in hand

Partial Dentures Vs. Full Dentures

A denture is a prosthetic made to look and feel like natural teeth. They are made from a durable resin to withstand pressure and maintain effectiveness for roughly five years, depending on how well they are cared for. Dentures can be made to replace entire sets of teeth or a few missing teeth, depending on the circumstance. Though the purpose of full and partial dentures is mostly the same, there are a few differences between the two. Partial solutions replace a few missing teeth and support natural teeth when a bridge is ineffective. Full or complete dentures replace entire sets of teeth and can be applied to the top or bottom gums or both, depending on the patient’s extent of tooth loss.

Removable and Implant Denture Solutions

One of our primary goals is to provide patients with flexible, customized oral health solutions that meet their needs perfectly. That’s why we offer removable and implant dentures. Removable dentures are placed on the gum line and can be removed and placed back at any time. Implant solutions are solidified into the mouth securely with metal posts. The type you choose will depend on your preferences, which we’d love to discuss during your consultation.

Learn More About Our Dentures Today

Dentures can be a sensible, long-lasting investment with the proper care. Do you think a full, partial, removable, or implant option is right for you? If so, schedule an appointment with our dentist today. We will evaluate your teeth and oral health and make recommendations based on our findings. Regardless of what you choose, our mission is to restore your smile, confidence, and health.

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