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Our Patient-Focused Approach to Dental Extraction

Usually, a patient’s teeth can be saved with a simple treatment or procedure. However, there are some instances where a tooth or teeth are beyond repair and require tooth extractions in Beverly Hills, CA. At S&C Dental Beverly Hills, our mission is to make the tooth removal process as smooth as possible when the tooth cannot be saved. Extractions and removals are performed to relieve pain and save other parts of the mouth that may be affected by the diseased, decayed, or infected tooth. We take strict safety precautions and accommodate you to ensure you are most comfortable. Removing teeth is a last resort, but it doesn’t need to be painful. Our team is dedicated to patient comfort and will provide removals to quickly get you back to your daily life.

woman taking her tooth out

What’s Extracting a Tooth Like?

Firstly, we’d like you to know that we only perform extractions when we are certain other treatments will be ineffective. We determine this by providing patients with comprehensive exams and x-ray inspections. If an extraction is necessary, we will develop a plan to remove it without affecting other areas of the mouth. During the procedure, we numb the targeted area with a local anesthetic to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Then, we carefully make a small incision in the gum and pull the tooth.

Dentist or dental hygienist in operation with patient

What Happens After the Procedure?

Our team will provide you with several options for after-care practices. These practices will help you clean the affected area, relieve post-procedure pain or discomfort, and reduce the risks of infection. We will also advise you on dietary and activity restrictions and how long you should keep them up before resuming your routine. Do you want to replace one or more missing teeth after a removal? We will gladly provide you with a wide selection of:

Contact Us to Learn More Today

We understand the hesitancy patients have when their dentists discuss removing their teeth, but the process sounds scarier than it is. Further, avoiding a necessary tooth removal will only worsen your pain and suffering and enable disease and infection to spread throughout your mouth. Though removal is never wanted, it can be vital in saving your oral health. Our team would love to schedule a consultation with you and put your mind at ease. We will explain the process in complete detail, recommend post-treatment healing methods, and make the process as quick and convenient as possible. Your care, comfort, and swift recovery are among our top priorities.

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