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Teeth Cleanings in Beverly Hills, CA

S&C Dental Beverly Hills gives patients shimmering, pearly whites and their ideal smile through teeth cleanings in Beverly Hills, CA. Though brushing and flossing daily is essential to oral health, they cannot always clean hard-to-reach areas. When plaque, tartar, and buildup become too significant for a toothbrush to handle, we recommend scheduling a professional whitening with our team. We have the tools, technology, and capabilities to provide you and your family with lovely smiles and optimal oral health. Along with whitening and cleanings, we will offer additional services to prevent cavities, disease, and decay. We are the practice that families go to make their teeth bright and beautiful.

happy family after their dental exams in Beverly Hills CA

Safe and Sound Teeth Cleanings for Children

Oral cleanings are recommended for children every six months after they turn one year old. Plaque, tartar, and debris buildup begins early, so getting your child used to routine cleanings is an excellent way to provide healthy oral health habits and prevent issues. We proudly serve families with dental cleanings regardless of age or condition severity. Schedule an appointment today, and we’ll treat you with whitening tools and products for a smile in which you can feel confident. We are the most reliable and trusted choice for adults, children, and seniors who dream of attaining a bright and shining smile.

Teeth Cleanings Q & A

To help our patients better understand the importance of routine teeth cleanings, we’ve taken the time to answer some frequently asked questions regarding the process. We strive to be a helpful resource, so there are no surprises, and you can feel at ease in the dental chair. Keep reading to learn more:

What Kinds of Cleanings Do You Offer?

Cleanings are usually done during regular six-month checkups, but they can be scheduled anytime. We begin with a comprehensive tooth and gum assessment before moving to the cleaning. Our team deploys specialized tools to eliminate plaque, and other debris stuck on your teeth. We emphasize cleaning between your teeth and the gumline because they are especially vulnerable to buildup, and household brushes and floss are usually ineffective in these areas. The final step comprises polishing your teeth and flossing for an undeniable shine. The two kinds of dental cleanings are:

  • Routine Cleanings: This cleaning is typically performed during six-month exams and is the most common kind. Specialized diagnosis may require more comprehensive care or deep cleaning.
  • Deep Cleanings: This cleaning is recommended for patients with gum disease or other severe dental issues. Deep cleanings are a cosmetic and significant dental health procedure because they offset disease and advanced periodontitis effects.
What Does Teeth Cleaning Entail?

Teeth cleaning is commonly performed during your routine dental checkups. After a thorough examination, our team will get to work cleaning your teeth. We’ll start by using a special instrument that removes calculus, plaque, and debris from your teeth. We pay special attention to the spaces between your teeth and around the gum line, scraping away plaque buildup that flossing and brushing frequently miss. If you experience any sensitivity during this step, simply let us know, and we will make adjustments so you can have a more comfortable experience. After that, we’ll polish your teeth with a special paste and then go in with the final flossing.

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