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Periodontal Disease Treatment Dentist

Provide relief and health for your gums by choosing S&C Dental Beverly Hills for your periodontal disease treatment in Beverly Hills, CA. Periodontitis and gum disease affects millions of patients yearly, starting with gingivitis and ending with tooth loss if left untreated. Our team puts patients at ease by providing gum infection treatments at all stages of their conditions, regardless of their severity or how far advanced. Periodontal disease is a severe issue that should be cared for as soon as possible, but with our state-of-the-art treatments and professional team, you can achieve healthy gums and a better quality of life.

Periodontal Disease Treatment in Beverly Hills CA

What Does Periodontal Treatment Include?

Contrary to popular belief, gums afflicted with the disease can usually be saved if they receive the proper treatments. Many patients who experience periodontal inflammation or swollen and bleeding gums feel helpless, but care can be provided at all stages of periodontal disease. Our treatments are designed to prevent the spread of disease and recover the gums as much as possible. If you want to remedy your gum disease, we have a treatment for you.

Our services include treatments provided at any stage, including:

  • Scaling and Root Planing: We administer this treatment for patients with early-stage gum disease, but we can deploy it to reduce the impact of more advanced conditions. During treatment, we eliminate hardened plaque beneath the gum line and smooth out the roots of the gumline to prevent bacteria from invading and festering within them.
  • Bite Adjustment: This treatment is intended for periodontal disease that has weakened jaw bones and tissue. Bite adjustments realign teeth affected by bone and tissue loss and prevent teeth grinding.
  • Oral Hygiene: Treatments for oral hygiene are preventative and used to curb gum disease before it occurs. Oral hygiene includes deep cleaning to eliminate tartar and buildup and providing at-home solutions for you to perform yourself.
  • Perio Protect Trays: This treatment comprises a non-invasive tray that enables dentists to administer medicine for gum health. Though your dentist prescribes the trays, you can easily apply them at home.

Schedule Your Next Checkup With Us Today

Dealing with a form of periodontal disease can be challenging and worrisome, but there is help. We recommend scheduling a consultation with our dentists to prevent your issue’s further spread or prevent diseases from happening at all. The sooner you come in for a visit, the quicker our team can develop a treatment plan suited best for your oral health needs. Our team would love to guide you through our treatment options and determine which will best recover a beautiful, confident, and healthy smile.

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