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Caring Family Dentist

Your family’s oral health care is among your top priorities. Give them and yourself the best oral health services by choosing S&C Dental Beverly Hills, comprehensive family dentistry serving Beverly Hills, CA adults, children, and seniors. Patients receive the latest and greatest in oral health services, technology, and care, delivered by a warm and welcoming staff with years of experience. When the time comes for your child to get their first exam, the senior in your life is considering dentures, or it’s time for your six-month checkup, our team will accommodate you in every way possible. Healthy, happy families smile brightly together.

S&C Dental Beverly Hills patients with dog

Our Services

“Family dentistry” is a general term that means we serve all patients regardless of age, background, or marital status. It indicates that we can care for all patients, from children to seniors, with the same level of excellence. We provide comprehensive oral health care for everyone. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Emergency and Extensive Dental Treatments Are Available

Hopefully, all you need is a simple, routine dental treatment. But if you need an emergency or complex procedure, our team is here for you. We provide adults, children, and families with extensive dental care, including orthodontics and cosmetic services. You can trust us to keep you and your loved ones safe in the event of an emergency dental situation. After your complex or emergency procedure is complete, we will consult you on how to recover properly so you can get back to normal as quickly as possible.

At S&C Dental Beverly Hills, Everyone Is Family

We treat, care for, and help heal all patients, even those without children or families. Our mission is to provide superior healthcare to patients throughout their entire lives. From routine exams to advanced procedures, our team maintains a consistent, exceptional level of care. Patients return to us for each service because they know we’ll provide compassion, professionalism, and a customized plan to enhance their smile and oral health.

Premium Dental Care
Solutions for the Entire